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The Official Lj Blog of Raytopia!
raynichols wrote in raytopia
Every blog needs a theme. So here is this one's.
Raytopia is my little country on the Information Super Highway (ISH)
Here I will write to my LIVEJOURNAL readers from time to time.
This blog is part of the PAGES BY RAY network.

My name is Ray and I am a PT blogger in the USA. I suffer from poverty and tremors. Tremors is a type of parkinsons. The worst of these of course is poverty. It takes money to fix what ails you these days and I never have enough.

I am also a PT family historian and publish a newsletter at paper.li. Its called Family Tree Gazette. You can find all my newsletters on my Twitter page.

TWITTER  = http://www.twitter.com/raynichols
RAYTOPIA = http://raynichols.weebly.com